How many bookmarks in Brave


I have sorted my 55 bookmarks in Brave in folders I have named. Are there any limit in Brave how many folders with bookmarks I can create?

I have 45,661 bookmarks distributed among 13,022 folders. I have never seen Brave bookmarks or the bookmark manager produce an error or any sign of non-perfect data.

JUST BECAME UNTRUE–>I have not found a way to use sql or other data manipulation tools outside the GUI within Brave Browser for managing the bookmark data. That frustrates me. For instance, I often need to clone a set of bookmarks to run on a domain where where I have cloned one website to make a new website on the new domain. It would be an enormous help if I could find a way to run a search/replace on all the bookmarkes copied form one domain to another.

THIS IS WHAT MADE THE PARAGRAPH above untrue–>?Ha! While typing that comment, I just remembered that all the bookmarks can be written to an HTML file. That file can be globally searched/replaced using notepad, text editor, Visual Studio, or Atom. That is exactly what i am going to do on. set of bookmarks I need to copy/change from one domain to another.