How many bat rewards can we win daily

How many bat awards can we win daily, they said there is a problem in Turkey, I don’t know if it’s because of this, but when I view an ad, the reward does not come.


:thinking: after thinking about it very well and doing many accounts, I have a solid figure of 500 bats per day :joy: :joy:

are u sure? I know there is no such thing.

In addition, the problem is that I am viewing the following ads hourly, but the reward does not come

let me see, make sure you are in an enabled region for Brave rewards, also check that notifications are active on your machine

dude, you don’t understand, i guess there is no problem with pop up ads, i can get those rewards, but i don’t get the ad rewards that i watch hourly, do you understand?

I don’t know about Turkey ad policy but just refer these:

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AFAIK there’s currently an issue in Turkey.

Hey guys could you please tell me what are inline content ads.

@mertwix If you have a verified Rewards account and are still connected, you might try disconnecting. Your account may be flagged if you are attempting to connect and can’t. Be aware that once you disconnect, you will have an unverified account until you can connect again. Make sure you backup your Brave-Browser folder just in case something happens and you need to restore.

If your account is unverified, you may have reached the limits for the ad campaigns you are eligible to receive. The post by @g00z linked above is a good one to look at to get an idea of the various limits. That topic also has other information that can help you determine if you are still eligible to earn from ads you receive. You can see the ad campaigns available for your region here: Regional Catalog Viewer.

You can also just try clearing cache/history, exiting the browser, and reopening. Maybe there is a glitch. Ditto if you have any extensions. Try disabling them and see if you start earning for ad views again. Please update your post and let the community know status and what did (or didn’t) work, if anything.

@Prabir227 Inline ads are displayed in the Brave News feed. If you enable Brave News in the Customize Dashboard, you can receive inline ads. You are not guaranteed inline ads (or any ads for that matter) and they too depend on ad campaign eligibility and are subject to limits (caps).


500 bat per day or month is technicly impossible

If I disable the wallet, I will have reached the device limit. There are 3 approved wallets and one unapproved. If I were flagged, my wallet would not receive a reward on the seventh of every month, right?

You can disconnect and reconnect the same wallet at any time. See this Help Center article: How to disconnect your verified wallet Instructions

How many times may I disconnect and re-verify?
You may disconnect and re-verify as many times as you wish. Don’t worry: if you disconnect and then reverify, you won’t consume an additional linking slot.


OMG, He was obviously being sarcastic :roll_eyes: :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_peeking_eye: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :slightly_smiling_face: :joy:

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Is there a daily ad limit?

what is this bro ? this is hack?

@mertwix The information is found in the link provided in @boli’s post above. Reposting again. What determines the number of ads per hour - #7 by g00z

That topic has many posts with information to help you determine what ads you are eligible to receive and the limits.

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