How many BAT coins you can normally earn in INDIA?

I normally earn 3.5 BAT from my android BRAVE browser

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BAT earned in any region will vary along with number of ads/type of ads shown.

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I too earn around 3-4 BATs so that’s a good amount for India.

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ya ideally I see in foreign people earn around 20+ BAT that makes me wonder how much is the earning difference here.

Region refers to the country specific or the like the place you are living within specific KMs

It depends on the country.

US has 70+ advertisers, so they get a lot of ads.
But, in India we only have 20 advertisers… So not a lot of ads are available.

Brave can’t do anything regarding this since it depends on the companies who want to advertise…

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In addition to the region, it also depends on the device. For instance, I am using Brave Rewards on three devices: a Linux desktop, a Win7 laptop, and an Android tablet. According to , on my desktop and laptop, there are currently 93 ads available, but only 91 on my Android tablet. Sometimes it varies even more.

Now we only have 4 advertisers in India.

So we may not even earn more than 1 BAT each month…
Hard Luck ;-;

Ha, bhai @ItzMeRajat sahi kaha phele me 8 BATs collect kar leta tha 1 month me, par ye dekho only 4 BATs :sleeping:

Is their any way like we connect to VPN or something else and brave recognises it from different regions and we get more ads

How did you get 500 ads in a month, is their any trick to receive maximum ads, I have also set to 10ads per hour but recieve less than 10 for whole day

Nope, no way.

Also, I saw today that we have 17 advertisers… So maybe it got fixed


Thats a lot of ads… I get max 400 ads per month. So be happy xD
Also, how the hell do you even get those many ads… DAMMMMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN

Here is my earnings this month (I am from the US)

Not claim :joy:

It’s fake

Aight stop flexin mate xD

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