How manny years do you have to use Brave browser with max ads per hour to be able to verify the wallet?


I have been using brave browser on android for the last 2 years and I managed to get a hold of aprox 6 BAT rewarded for the ads viewed with max ads per hour setting. By my calculations it will take me another 6-8 years untill I will reach the 25 BAT threshold to finally verify the wallet and use the funds. By that time I will certainly have another device and the funds will be lost. Was this planned or the android development in this project was abandoned? It feels greatly neglected from this point of view.

Is there an IOS like sync on the way or should I just abandon the brave rewards part? Do the devs plan to do anything about this?

I have been waiting for a long long time for something to get changed about this.

they going to redcue that 25 bat to 15 and they working on other option other then uphold but i do not know when and what those options

Reducing the 25 BAT threshold to 15 won’t fix the problem as BAT gets valuated at a higher price and rewards are getting smaller. Users needs to be able to use the funds in 1 month or less, not in 5 years that will take to reach the 15 BAT threshold atm.

i agree that why i also said they working in other option other than uphold not sure if it a full built in wallet or other company other than uphold

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