How long will allow Adobe Flash Player to be used on it's browser?

How long will allow Adobe Flash Player to be used on it’s browser? My site requires it to work in the design editor. I own a DIY graphic design program. I do not have the money to get work done on it and had not had the money in the past to do this. Thank you.

We actually have a document on this available on our help center:


OK thank you Mattches. I might just have to pack it up and end my site. I will look at Sunsetting Flash. If I had money I would have it rebuilt but I don’t.

So I guess Brave is going to end it as well? That what I am trying to find out. Because I will have to notify my members if I have to close down (my site)

When Adobe (the maker of Flash) is killing their own product, not much you can do.

@barb2birds have you considered making your site less reliant on Flash?

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Can you please tell me if Brave is closing it’s doors to Flash Player as well? No one has read my question. I said I don’t have the funds to have it done over into html5

Will there be a browser I can use and my members can use to work in Adkreator?

No exact date yet, but when Google Chrome/Adobe stop supporting flash. Changes will eventually filter down to all browsers. It would affect other browsers (like Firefox). I’m not sure other browsers would be affected when Flash is unsupported, there maybe 3rd-party flash tools that’ll let flash run standalone (without a browser) as an option.

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Thank you Fanboynz! That was more helpful. I’m sure Firefox will. My program does not work in it now. It works in Brave though and I am happy about that. Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Mattches I had to relinquish Adkreator. I found someone a programmer that wants to convert it but he is overwhelmed and needs some pointers. Do you know any good articles or programs that would help him?

Sorry, misunderstanding re: email sent

Note @barb2birds this would come down how complex the app is. And the knowledge of web designer.

He/She will need knowledge in Javascript, canvas and html5. Possibly a re-write of certain flash apps. Maybe let your programmer play around the application(s), and then just write it in better/simpler code. Or just prioritize the certain flash apps you need to work asap.

There may also be conversation apps available (unsure of the quality), just google.


Thank Fanboynz. This is a great answer and will give it to the programmer working on it. :slight_smile:

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