How long does the Payments conversion take?



I’ve had the conversion from Bitcoin to BAT open for multiple hours at a time, and it still hasn’t completed. How long is it meant to take, and does the fact that I don’t have any balance yet affect things?


Hi @Steven,

Please update to latest version 0.19.88 and see if it solved. If I’m not wrong, it have fix for Payments issue.
Will ccing @LaurenWags for additional answer and confirmation. :slight_smile:


Yes, I noticed this. I update pretty quickly when Brave pushes a new version. Working now.


Thanks for the confirmation @Steven. :slight_smile:
I’ll close the thread for now. If you run to any issues or have a questions, feel free to open a new thread for each.

Thank you,

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Fixed in latest stable version, 0.19.88.