How long does it take to process payments?

2 days waiting and counting for my october rewards.

I have Uphold verified wallet.

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It should at most take a week after the final day you saw the banner saying “X BAT arriving in Y days”, you can track payout progress here. Not everything has been processed yet: Ads Payout Status Update

Ok, thanks a lot for your reply

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There are 42 million Brave users lol, and this is before the integration/compatibility with Solana :slight_smile:

Apparently, a long time. I have 3.5 BAT in my Chromebook Brave browser that has been there since September and has never been transferred. The BAT from my PC is linked to Gemini and has only 0.25 deposited to it from months ago and that was half of what it should have been. Still do not have the October payment and still do not have the 5 BAT promised to me when I linked Gemini. I am quickly coming to a middle in this entire venture. Brave is not good enough as a browser to keep me without some compensation. Videos stutter all the time even though I have a great computer and Internet that is 1 Gbps.

Drop in the bucket. Chrome has 3.3 billion users.

This was obviously a statement about how many users that can be receiving reward payouts, not popularity or competition in size of user base… But you already knew that… :thinking:


You will receive your BAT, it just takes about a week to pay everything out. That’s the way it works, payments need to be verified and processed, its the same every month. The date you see is when payment processing begins, not the date you receive your BAT.

So I will still be getting payouts for September as well? It is normal then for them to pay out half, then the rest another month? Because I only got 0.25 BAT for September, even though I had more than this. I also verified my Gemini linking like 3 months ago and didn’t get the 5 BAT for this. I understand that it may take awhile processing payouts to millions, seems like there’d be an automated way to do this, but at least people have jobs, it just seems the payout schedule is a bit off.

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