How long does it take for transactions to post?


Hey there,

Super excited to start using BAT on Brave. I tried sending some ETH through Coinbase to my Brave Payments wallet, but don’t see it anywhere yet. I got an email that the transaction went through about an hour ago; how long does it typically take for an updated balance to appear on the Payments page? I’ve never moved crypto currency around before and am a little bit nervous about it disappearing lol.



Is there some other way to check a BAT wallet than going through the Brave Payments UI?


Thanks for reporting @niftynei. Looping in @LaurenWags for help.



If you can see the transaction on the blockchain explorer and it has been confirmed, then the transaction went through and the exchange is processing it. The speed at which the transactions clear depends on the congestion on the Ethereum blockchain, the gas fee that you set, as well as the exchange.

Don’t worry, it’s quite hard for your ETH to just disappear if you’re sure you sent to the correct address. (If the transaction doesn’t go through, funds are automatically returned) :slight_smile:


Hi @niftynei

Has your BAT displayed in your account balance yet?



Yes, it showed up! It just took longer than 5 minutes. Thanks!


Thanks for the report back @niftynei - going to close this thread for now. Let us know if you have any other issues or questions.


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