How long does it take for the tip warning to go away after verification?

I signed up for the Brave creators, added and verified a couple of websites then made and KYC verified a Gemini account and linked that to my Brave creator account

I seen somewhere somebody had said it can take 24-48 hours to update, however it has now been 96 hours and there is still the warning “This Brave Verified Creator has not yet configured their account to receive contributions from Brave Users.”

Is this normal?

Any help appreciated

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I have the same problem :frowning:

Hi there!

@kmanderson193 , @karabay42

I had the same problem, I’ve connected a gemini account, added my YT channel, and I had the same warning, however after I’ve received the first monthly BAT payment into my wallet the warning is gone. So, fortunately in my case, the problem was that I didn’t have any balance in my wallet. If you want guys, you can message me privately your connected stuff, and I can check it how it looks like on my end!

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my channel

No money has been laid yet, it has not been 1 month yet because of monthly hospitalization.

maybe that’s the problem

Yep, it’s working perfectly, you’re verified creator, and I would be able to set monthly contribution or send a tip! No warnings! :slight_smile:

random guy help 1

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why when I look at it the same problem still appears :frowning:

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