How long does DNS Verification take?



I submitted my channel for verification 6 hours ago through TXT record in route 53, but it still says awaiting admin approval.

Just wondering how long this process takes.

Thank you.


Hi @alexeilinykh,

It may require 24 hours to get completed. But let me cc @Asad for confirmation.

Thank you,


24 hours should be sufficient :slight_smile: Were you able to get verified?


No, still says awaiting admin approval.

Please advise.


Hi there,

Still says awaiting admin approval.

Can you help me out?


Did you add a “host” value to your TXT record? For most, the value would be “@”.
Also, what is the TTL value for your DNS records? This determines the amount of time between updates and if it was set to an unusually long time, it could take awhile for everything to update and complete verification.


The TTL value is 300 seconds. There is no host value in Route 53 - just the record set name, which is set to my domain.


When I test for the TXT record on my domain, I can see it show up…


I’m not familiar with Route 53 but it looks like maybe the Name value for the TXT record should be… (try putting “@.” in front of your domain name for the TXT record)


Route 53 does not allow you to do that, it says “to create a resource record set that has the same name as the hosted zone, leave the name field blank”

When I lookup the TXT record for my domain with this tool, I can see it there:


Have you double-checked that your record value, “brave-ledger-verification=xxxxxx…” is entered correctly? No extra spaces before or after?


Yea, I’m certain it is entered correctly.


Got verified this morning!

Thank you.


Great! Did you determine what the problem was or did it just finally verify on its own?


I think it verified on its own, b/c I didn’t do anything after creating the TXT record.


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