How long can this last? Year? Century?

I have already created more than 5 topics on the forum, sent dozens of letters and private messages.

So what? Always the same: write to

Good! Is there anyone watching this mail at all? For about 5 months I have not received anything in response. I sent a full explanation of the situation to this email (and others emails of brave support) in detail, along with screenshots. I wrote all this on the forum, in a personal message to the guys from the braves.

So what? - nothing

I understand that the current affiliate program is over, but this is a real slap in the face of a partner who brought hundreds and thousands of new users
Have a nice day

The e-mail address is

Maybe that is why you don’t get an answer?

no, I sent to the correct address, in this case I just wrote for an example, I also wrote to several other brave support addresses

Duplicate. Suspensions.