How long before the BAT for unpaid ads will be delivered?

I know there have been issues with ads not being paid, however I would like to know when we can expect the rewards for these ads?
I just started using Brave on my laptop and desktop less than a week ago. I just counted the 7 day ad history on the desktop alone, and I got 35 notifications, but I have only been credited for 15 according to “Ad notifications received this month.” One of these was just within the last hour and I did indeed receive the credit, so I’m assuming the bug is fixed.
My laptop shows I have been credited for 29, however the 7 day ad history seems to be broken on my laptop, only showing a total of 6 ads from days ago, so I do not know how many ads have not been credited on this device (if any).
I can be patient, however I would like to know an estimate on when these rewards will be made up for. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

when the issues have been resolved

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