How long before google buys brave browser?

Honestly, with the recent youtube adblocker crackdown, I see only 2 possible outcomes for brave:

  • Doesn’t support youtube to run on brave browser
  • Buy brave browser by google.

Would you sell it if you get 10 Billion USD?

Yeah, none of that is going to happen.

I don’t think so. One of them is definitely going to happen. Youtube is on full crackdown.

Google makes Chromium, they have 80% marketshare… why would they need Brave? Brave doesn’t offer anything Google needs, in fact, Brave actually removes their features and blocks their trackers and ads… They already pay 18 billion for a search deal with Apple and 400 million to Mozilla to keep it alive, but they don’t buy browsers, they MAKE the browsers.

Youtube anti-adblocker is being dealt by uBlock people, they have an issue opened just to report issues with Youtube and deal with it when a problem happens, if it works in uBlock it will work in Brave.
As long as Youtube doesn’t go the Twitch way where no adblocker can block ads and only workaround them by lowering the quality using a proxy to connect to regions without Twitch ads, then, Brave adblocker will be fine.

So what’s the problem? the web is against adblockers, they are even against Brave, many websites block Brave with Brave’s own API to identify Brave as a browser. That’s why Brave added the brave-fix scriptlet. to remove that API per domain, even Adobe and even CNN español is blocking Brave!, and you can see the link for other sites that have been reported adding the specific anti-Brave system in their pages.
So adblockers and Brave have to deal with these issues all the time, only because it is Youtube, doesn’t mean anything, it means, be patient, uBlock will figure out, unless they go the Twitch way of making impossible for ads to be blocked.

Also, Youtube is not even blocking accounts, they are not doing it server side, it is just a block to scare people and make them disable the adblocker, just clearing the data should make it work.
I haven’t gotten the notice in a while, but I also don’t have a google account and I would still probably watch in private mode because there is no reason to be logged to watch videos, unless you want to get tracked because “history” or “channel subscriptions”, the only reason to be logged should be to chat or comment if needed.

So even if Youtube was banning accounts server side, which I don’t think will happen for legal reasons, then people can just watch videos unlogged and move on, but for some reason people can’t just do it… apparently it is too hard to do a simple thing like that.

Anyway, About Brave selling for 10B? well, Brendan Eich has said on twitter that if a good offer happens, he would sell, because they are a business not charity. So for 10 billions I would say yes. But it won’t happen.


why are you ranting out of the topic lol.

I just don’t get your logic. You really think Google would just buy Brave to shut it down? Even if they did that, I’m sure devs of Brave would just start another web browser with same capabilities. Vivaldi and Opera also block ads and Brave isn’t the only web browser with that capability built-in.

And, it’s not browsers that block ads, it’s filters on which ad blockers rely on. Google would have to target filter creators and that’s impossible because they don’t break any law. Some companies tried to get rid of ad blockers. If I remember correctly, some were even sued, but in the end devs of ad blockers weren’t found guilty because they didn’t break any law. Blocking ads is completely legal.

Google can’t do much; they can only keep inventing in blocking ad block field, but ad blocker and filter devs will always find a way to keep YouTube ad-free for us. Google could technically block Brave users from accessing YouTube, but then you could just change user-agent to Chrome and you could normally visit the website. They did that in the past with Google Earth not working in any browser except Chrome, but have backed down after backlash. Beside, they would have to block all the browsers from accessing the YouTube except the Chrome. Since YouTube (and Chrome) pretty much have a monopoly, EU would fine the hell out of Google.

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Is it illegal to ban other browsers from using google, youtube except chrome if they gave money to EU?

I love it when a techie explains stuff so even my dumb ass can figure it out, do my own due diligence, decide if I agree, which i usally do, and then come back and say Thank You very much for your valuable time, I for one, sincerely appreciate your efforts to educate, and i always enjoy a the little “snark” that comes with the knowledge of being right. I’m certainly smart enough to defer to the guys, gals, and non-binary pals that are in the trenches every day, which you clearly are, and I thought I would take a bit of my time to say, “Fkkkin A, Thanks” I truly do appreciate when the internet functions in our favor as designed. Its a cool feeling.
Much love!!! :v:

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Solid logic even I get. Nice work!!!
Much love!!! :v:

Google will not buy brave browser