How is Brave faster?


Sorry if this isn’t the best place to ask this question but I didn’t see a better spot.
I am just wondering HOW is Brave able to browse the web faster than Chrome. Is it only a matter of blocking ads? If Brave was up against Chrome with an ad blocker, would pages load at the same speed? I am interested in Brave as the browser to use a few SaaS programs in like Salesforce and other web programs that I’d like to load fast between records. If a site like Salesforce has no ads or regular web fluff, would Brave make it run faster than Chrome or just about the same?
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Brave doesn’t only block ads, but it also blocks trackers used by sites to keep track of your interests as you browse around the web (how else did Facebook know to recommend you XXX after you visited a few days ago). One of the most mind blowing facts I learned when I first started researching about Brave and BAT was that more than 50% of your bandwidth when visiting a website is taken up by trackers and advertisements, and so that’s where most of the speed gain is.

I don’t know whether you’ll see significant increases in page load times for SaaS sites, but you can always give it a try and see for yourself. Here’s a link to the whitepaper as well in case you’re curious, section 2.2 is where you can learn a lot of the information as the WP doesn’t go into too much detail on the actual Brave browser.



For me, it’s faster than any browser. I’m not a techy girl but compared with chrome. Brave is the best and also add the ads blocker.

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