How i see brave bat ecosystem

every person who watches advertising gets 40 a month. of these 40, a person can send content producers $ 10-20. then this system works. so each view is obliged for the advertiser to cost 5 cents, of these 5 cents, two cents goes to the brave, and three cents goes because I looked.

but while the Internet have bots that cheat views are much cheaper ten or more times, this system will not work at full strength. but the time will come when viewing bots will be prohibited by law, this will happen when quantum identification appears. then, viewing the brave will become really popular and people from poor countries or just wanting additional income who do not crawl out of the Internet will be able to receive 50 at least a month in this project, this is 1,000 a year, this is not a big amount, but it will not be superfluous to some .

then it will be profitable to support the content producers with bats to everyone who watches ads. at the moment, I think this support is almost zero, that is, content producers in the majority do not see a large number of rewards from users, because users simply do not have tokens.

thank you all for your attention. :upside_down_face:


@niceant I agree, I think if the community of brave browser continues to grow, the value of BAT will increase too.

Allowing more people to be inclined to contribute as they will be rewarded more often, at the moment i have a similar feeling that not many people will be contributing to marketers as they are more inclined to hold on to the coins they gained. Resulting in less interest from marketers to join the brave rewards program, (because of the little return)

Have i understood your point? :+1:

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On point. :slight_smile:


yes u understand, also need wait quantum id tec or very many companys which want use eco system brave example adidas, coca cola, pepsi, samsung, sony, ford and many other which need real vievs but not fake but for this need many contacts brave with so companys :slight_smile:

thanks for this words :slight_smile:

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No problem. :slight_smile:

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GOOD point thank you sir.

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also thank you sir. :slightly_smiling_face:

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