How I can move my BAT tokens out from Brave browser

I have 521.035 BAT in Brave Browser and I receive only 0.25 BAT to my Uphold account? So how I can transfer my BAT token to some another wallet than Uphold? I’m sick of tired this mess and I like to move My tokens out of Brave. So what I need to do? I can only add more tokens to Brave wallet, but cannot transfer them to my personal wallet, or Uphold?

Can you please tell me what to do?

// Kiesus

Publisher Method is what? I just test to send BAT to Brave more than two years a go and now I want my tokens back. I don’t know what this mean?
I been using many crypto wallet and been in crypto since 2011 and I don’t get it how this can be so hard. Why I cant send my tokens to my own wallet?

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