How I can get rid of this? Plss

Sometimes it happens and you just have to refresh and try multiple times, though that’s rare. Other thing to keep in mind is to make sure you’re not switching windows or anything. I tend to see that pop up most frequently if I navigate to a different window or tab while it’s trying to download. Then, when I return to that page, it will display what you’re seeing.

As to what causes it, I’d have to defer to @Mattches to see if he has some more insight.

If refreshing that page as @Saoiray suggested doesn’t work, try re-downloading and running the installer again. Doing this will only apply the latest updates. Let me know if this works for you.

I sometimes restart my computer and that helps. probably that stops Brave updater processes and after restarting it enables it again.

I see my problem is the Brave Services is disable and if I try to run the services I get this message error " Windows Could Not Start the Brave Elevation Service on local computer"
Error 2 : The system cannot find the file specified

I reinstalled the browser but nothing happend its the same error

Are you on a VPN connection or behind a firewall? What about any anti-virus software? Additionally, did you uninstall the the browser and then reinstall? Or did you just re-run the installer as I suggested you do?

It seems like something is blocking both the attempt at downloading the latest updates, as well as the elevation service that runs when the browser won’t update, which makes me think it’s related to something else running on your system.

I re-run the installer and I don’t have any anti-viruses in my pc, the windows defender is what i have for a anti-virus and the windows was installed like 4 days

So I’m actually seeing this myself on Windows strangely — will ask about that internally. However, when I re-ran the installer, it still shows the error but the updates did get applied. After running the installer, if you go to About Brave, does it still show you running v1.45.116 or has it updated to 1.45.118?

Similar thing happened to me.

The windows installer would not work, eveb after refreshing, starting a new session. It gave me some type of error 2 days back (the error was different than the OP screenshot) and gave a link to brave support article. The browser was on something like version 1.38 (few months old)

Then out of nowhere it just auto-updated itself yesterday to the latest release.

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