How helpful Brave rewards for Indian publisher


I am a blogger myself and writes often about technology. I have downloaded Brave recently and love the program ‘Brave rewards for publishers’.

I have read about BAT and registered my blog domain name for Brave rewards. After doing some searching I came to know that Uphold handles this BAT tokens and currently Uphold doesn’t support direct bank account deposits or withdrawls for Indian banks.

So how do I convert the BATs and use the converted money?


Hi @nayabsd,

It’s my personal opinion. :wink:
I’m from Indonesia where direct withdrawal also not yet supported. As a workaround, I use 3rd party exchange. Convert my BAT to ETH or BTC, then transfer it to exchange wallet that support withdrawal in Indonesia.

It may cost more, but that’s what I did in the past. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brave also exploring more method on this. Like partnership with CIVIC for KYC procces so publishers can use their own ETH wallet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the response.

How much it costs? And would you suggest some wallets please…

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