How get job in beave community

how get job in beave community

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Beave Community does not exist as long as I remember so. I don’t know. Okay, im done being sarcastic.

As far as I know, there’s no job in Brave Community. It’s just like being generous enough to help people for free and with your time.

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Hey there @imrks7. From what I can see, they are not currently hiring for Support. You can always keep an eye out over at to see what job positions are available with Brave, if you’re interested. They are mostly looking for engineers at this time.

People like me, who are Community Ninja don’t get paid by Brave and just help in our spare time. If you’re asking about how to become such a thing, it’s just a matter of you helping others in your spare time. Then, as you’re active and helpful, Support might decide to give the title to you. Just so you know, the title does not give you any special privilege or access. It’s just a way to help differentiate people who have been active and helpful compared to others.


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