How easy is to move from Chrome to Brave ? for a web developer



i just ditched the Google chrome from my mobile devices and i am now fully enjoying brave experience, but now i want to move to Brave in my desktop and want to do everything i do in chrome currently, are there any limits? for a web developer? and what about Google like some tabs are always pinned in my chrome such as firebase dashboard, app engine , gmail , consoles , . i just don’t want to waste my time trying out things individually. it would be really helpful if any one already is doing same stuff in brave and can explain the pin points .
(i just want to get rid of chrome :smiley: )


Hi @valour, smart move choosing Brave :slight_smile:

As for your question, Brave is still in development and you will find certain features missing (for instance, support for all extensions) or behave strangely. This is simply due to the stage of development we’re currently in as we work towards Brave 1.0 (highly suggest reading this).
That being said, you will be able to carry out the majority of things you are able to on any other browser (you can also import browser data from Chrome or a different browser on your machine). You used pinned tabs as an example, which you can absolutely do in Brave. In addition, we also have Session tabs and private browsing tabs with tor integration.

Download the latest release and give it a try - it’s free!


Developer tools in Brave are the same as in Chrome. However, they’re quite broken. E.g. you can’t right-click anywhere in the developer tools window.


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