How Does The New Brave Browser Handle Flash Cookies?

I’ve been looking into cookies and recently came across the horrifying aspect of flash cookies stored in .sol files.

I’m wondering how Brave handles this and if it doesn’t do it itself what extensions I could use for it? I’m hoping that the Brave 3rd-party cookies blocker handles them but I don’t know.

For specifically SOL cookies only BetterPrivacy was said to handle them but that’s discontinued. Now the only thing there is is Cookie AutoDelete. Does that actually handle them? I’m still looking into alternatives but the only thing I’ve found so far is either manually handling them or using BleachBit.

Brave blocks flash content by default. You must manually (explicitly) allow it each time you want to enable flash on a per-site basis. When allowing it, it is only allowed once and subsequently removed once you close the browser or tab.

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Thank you. It’s good to know that it’s built in and I don’t have to take any extra steps.