How does "Other Search Engines" added?

Description of the issue:
A regular website added to “Other Search Engines”
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Don’t know how it happened.
Actual Result (gifs and screenshots are welcome!):
The site is

I believe every website you visit, that has some search functionality, is being added over there. I don’t like the whole idea either, but unfortunately I don’t see an option that controls the whole thing.

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Yes. Every site with OpenSearch enabled will do this.

I think it’s dumb, and I considered submitting a bug report, but then I found the same behavior in Chrome so I assume it is coming from upstream.

Personally I consider this a bug because over time that list will become polluted with tons of ‘search engines’ that you’ll never use; and even if you did want to use one, you sure as heck aren’t likely to define the entire domain name as the shortcut for it.

But I never got around to investigating whether it’s intentional in Chromium.

OK, well, I guess it’s intentional and considered a ‘feature.’

Depending on whether one clears browsing data on exit, the list could be emptied on every browser exit.

I use a 3rd party cleaner daily, it doesn’t clean that.
At least we have an answer.

I just tested how it works. Clearing “Browsing history” at brave://settings/clearBrowserData empties the list.

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I also just realized that Advanced Uninstaller doesn’t see this as Chrome so doesn’t clean anything.
Good thing I looked.
While I usually leave browsing history, I like to clean cache temp files etc.

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