How does one Post in the forum or ask a question? Do you need to create a new topic each time?

How do i post a question

@Abiohacker ,

First, please replace the entire content of your Original Post (“OP”), above, with your simple question.

Second, using the context of your issue, please replace your topic title, with wording that points to your issue - ie to your question.

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Still no answer how do i input a question there is no readily useable form! Posted msg on twitter @bravesupport but no responses.

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If it is just a question and you are not having a problem, just create a topic in the appropriate category. For general questions and comments, usually Feedback and Uncategorized topics work. You may or may not get a response.

If you have a problem, or want to ask a question about the problem, then just create a topic in the appropriate support category and use whatever template is displayed in the editor.

Usually, when someone “just has a question”, they usually have a problem and the poster and the person trying to help have to go back and forth getting the information asked for in the template! Definitely saves time and information is presented in a more organized form when the poster uses the template to begin with.

So, you have a question or a problem? :wink: If a problem, you can find a copy of the appropriate template in the links below. Edit this topic, copy/paste the template, and answer the questions. If you have a question, go ahead and ask! :grin:

Support Templates Reference
Support Templates Reference - #3 by Mattches

Thank you.
It appears there is a bug in the iOS browsers. I continue to receive an error msg the “SYNC AGENT is OFFLINE”

I believe you did not understand what @289wk and @Chocoholic tried to tell you. They gave you all information you need.

Instead of posting a question asking how to post a question. You should have posted your actual question.
Adding your question as a comment will not help you. The moderators will not read the comments. You must create a new post, exactly as you created this one, with your actual question.

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yes thanks i did see that i was merely mentioning the question it’s self in the hopes they might have insight.
Thank you for your pointing this out to me though.


Sync on iOS devices has been an ongoing issue for a while. There are Brave GitHub issue reports, fixes, and workarounds in various posts but the issue is intermittent and elusive. Sync on iOS works for some and not for others even after fixes. There is no firm fix or workaround.

The best place to go to dig through the information to see if anything posted helps is at the post linked below. You are just going to have to test your device using the various troubleshooting information posted and see if anything sticks or not.

Thanks this says it all. Brave sync on iOS is unstable, got it. Does anyone foresee a resolution in the immediate future?

You should probably post that question in that link. Most iOS users are using that topic to track the iOS sync issues as well as moderators and other Brave support staff.

THANK YOU! I was getting frustrated and spun up a bit. Sorry.

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What link? Do you mean search the topic and then post in that? Still unclear on navigating this when it pertains to a specific issue.
Perhaps just posting the topic in uncategorized will be easier?

Do this

  1. Open this link: Brave sync on iOS is completely broken and has been for many months! - plus other bugs with sync on iOS too. (iOS) If you have iOS please read!

  2. Go to the last post in the topic

  3. Click the reply arrow (the one circled in red below, not the arrow under the last post)


  1. Enter your question in the editor

  2. Click Reply button to save your reply


Method for replying to topics/posts is the same for every topic/post. You have been doing it in this topic. Use @289wk link above to learn more about navigating and using Brave Community. Reposted link below.

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