How does one know if their account is flagged?

I noticed my devices got logged out of Gemini. Is that a sign I got flagged? Do you get an email or a notification saying you’ve been flagged?

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You’ll see a notice in brave rewards that your account is flagged, when you try reconnecting to Gemini. You won’t get an email, Brave doesn’t have your email, does it?

For appealing for the removal of the flag, raise a ticket at

Share the ticket id you receive in the email you submit.

I did not get any email, but I did find it fishy I was logged out of Gemini on my devices and then could not login/connect again. I could login separately to Gemini but not able to connect Brave to Gemini. Not sure what this means.

I have already raised a ticket with no response.

There is likely some issue with Gemini API which isn’t allowung you to conect.

You must have been flagged if that is the case.

Yes, thats right. Brave rewards and Uphold / Gemini are different. Uphold and Gemini support India but don’t support connecting to Brave rewards. Thats one example.

We’re investigating a linking issue with some Gemini users at the moment. Sorry for the trouble!

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Well that’s why I ask because I never got any notification.

I’ve been connected to Gemini for years and I’ve been KYCed on Gemini for many years. That’s why I was confused.

Would you be able to look into ticket # 214562?

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