How does "Estimated earnings so far this month" work and what to when that number is lower than it was hours ago?

Curious about the “Estimated earnings so far this month” process and what to do if/when that number value, displayed on the “New Tab Page Dashboard”, LOWERS within a few hours. Earlier today (about 6hrs prior) the number displayed above “Estimated earnings so far this month” was higher than it currently is; the B.A.T. number has lowered. There have been times when I launch Brave and the number is “0.00 B.A.T.” and shortly after use, the number settles back to the proper value. Is this possibly an issue with payment processing? The fluctuation of the “Estimated earnings so far this month” B.A.T. on the “New Tab Page Dashboard” is a source of concern for me. Thanks in advance for your and support!

@stonks hi, I would say that’s a visual bug, I noticed a slightly reduction of the bat in the new tab page too, but today my payment was too slightly higher than what was reflected in the estimated pending rewards… so I won’t worry about it for the moment :thinking:

@JohnDproof hi. Thanks for your response. Figured I’d share my issue with the community and see if anyone has similar occurrence or advice. Appreciate you!!

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