How does brave get my account information for things like YouTube and other stuff without me even typing it?

I recently downloaded Brave for the first time and the browser already seemed to have my information for things like my school account, youtube, etc. Did you just steal my information?

Could you be more specific, like what happened when you opened the browser?

Hello @elmomote, Brave does not store and is not allowed to have access to personal information. If you have questions or concerns about this, please read the article below:

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@elmomote Welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

As stated by @Jarc-1107, Brave does not have access to any of that data by default. As far as I know, you have to give Brave permission to access this type information. Also AFAIK, the only scenarios where this would occur is if you imported data or synced the data in some way or maybe even have autofill features enabled.

I really don’t know why your data is available to Brave. Again, Brave would not have access unless somehow, somewhere, you gave permission. Maybe an external program is providing this information to Brave somehow? Did you import data or enable sync or autofill in Brave? Do you store your data on a cloud network that has some sort of sync function for all your installed programs that would allow Brave access? Or do you have any installed programs or an extension that provides this service?

I too would be concerned and want to track down how this information is being accessed by Brave. If you could provide more information, it may help troubleshoot.

  1. Please provide your OS and Brave versions found at brave://version
  2. “the browser already seemed to have my information” - Please provide details. What information exactly? Usernames and passwords? Something else?
  3. Do you have any extensions installed?
  4. Do you use any data/privacy management software?

Please post an update. If nothing I’ve posted “rings a bell”, this may be a problem for Brave support staff to investigate.

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Yeah I guess my post was a bit too aggressive. It was just weird that as soon as I opened a site I was already logged in. Like it was my first time using Brave coming from Firefox and it was just weird but Brave is cool.

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