How does Brave choose the webpage it opens when you leave it without quitting & later come back to pick up where you left off?

I often find that the webpage that opens when I return to using Brave is not the last one I was on, so I haven’t figured out the logic there.

This seems to happen only when I’ve come back to Brave ‘the following day,’ without shutting down and without having quit Brave – i.e., all webpages left up as they were the night before. (It doesn’t happen just from walking way from the computer for a while.)

What determines the webpage that opens when you leave Brave for an extended period of time, but without actually exiting the browser?


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if you did not close any page then it will stay as you left them unless one is tricking you

and have a nice day

Are you saying
a) you leave Brave up on the screen with a number of tabs open
b) you walk away from the computer
c) you come back to the computer when the local time has gone past midnight
d) you return to your computer and select Brave

I ask because you also wrote this

… how long, exactly, is “for a while” ??

It’s interesting you state

I very often exit Brave prior to walking away from my computer … then, when I return, I fire it up and all the tabs open up where they were pointing to. Same holds true if I leave Brave up for hours, but I’m not at the computer.

I guess I’m trying to nail down the difference between
“for a while” and
“when you leave Brave for an extended period of time”

++++ Also, what’s your setting for
Settings -> Get Started (showing screenshot):

@caldercay Thanks & sorry for the delay.

This is basically one situation:

I close my laptop when I’m finished for the day (usually no actual exiting of anything, though I do minimize all open windows).

When I open up the laptop the next day I find myself (in Brave) in a browser tab I know was not the last one I was using when I ‘closed down.’

I don’t have any extensions active that force opening a particular tab.

I do have “Continue where you left off” selected.

c) you come back to the computer when the local time has gone past midnight

I’m not sure what you were getting at there but the answer when this circumstance occurs would usually be ‘yes.’ However, the closing down would also have occurred “past midnight” much of the time. (“Closing down” just meaning shutting the laptop case.)

And yes I did mean to say that I don’t experience this when leaving the computer and returning to it later the same day, even after many hours have elapsed. It’s pretty much an ‘overnight’ thing (but not necessarily involving more than one ‘calendar day’).

Thanks, see my reply to caldercay, which I think explains it.

@caldercay @justsomeone1 Having now tested this scientifically – i.e., noting (i) open tab I’m in when ending session↑ and (ii) tab I land on when resuming↑↑ session – I’ve concluded that minimizing all open browser windows at the end of a session (without ‘exiting’ Brave or doing any other kind of ‘shutdown’) must be why the last open browser tab is not what appears when I later resume a Brave session.

IOW, minimizing/un-minimizing must have its own conventions as to how it closes/reopens windows & tabs.

↑ “ending session” here meaning minimizing all open browser windows and closing laptop case.

↑↑ “resuming” here meaning selecting Brave as the current app (usually just by clicking on Brave icon in the Dock).

what your laptop do when i close case shutdown/standby/hibernate/or what

shutdown will lead that brave close which lead to open the last session

hibernate and standby will not close brave

also what your setting of power go out

from this
ii see you have some miss understanding

close brave then reopen it is not the same as keep brave open

Hi @justsomeone1,

I just meant to clarify that there is no ‘official’ exiting of Brave or other action (e.g., system reset, shutting down laptop, officially exiting Brave, etc.) that could possibly be affecting why the tab I’m on when I ‘come back’ isn’t the same one as when I ‘left.’

That’s why I concluded that the window minimizing/unminimizing must either have its own rules or work somewhat randomly in choosing the tab it opens when you ‘come back’ to resume a session.

could you tell us what the system setting do when closing laptop case.

that should not affect the anything related to brave (number of tabs or current tab that has the focus but somesites could end your session and you would need to login again)

so could you check the setting for closing your laptop

Not sure what you mean. I don’t do anything except (i) minimize all windows and then (ii) close the laptop case. No tabs are closed or lost for the next session and the session is not technically ‘ended.’

The only thing that happens is that the tab I’m in when I minimize and close the case isn’t the one that opens when I click on the Brave icon in the Dock to resume the session.

i do not have mac so let me dive into the internet to tell you how to check it
could you tell me which is your os version Catalina or mojava or what?

I use Mojave but what information will you be checking for?

This may not be a case of anything being ‘wrong.’ It just seems to be the way the browser behaves when minimizing and later unminimizing windows.

i looking into what the default action that your os do when you close the lid of your laptop

does it hibernate/standby/shutdown or what

when you minimize brave and wait 1 min then unminimize it without close your laptop does it work as expected

– Noted tab I had open.
– Minimized all (via keyboard shortcut).
– Waited 10 minutes.
– Clicked on Brave icon in Dock (to unminimize).
– Different tab in different window opened.

do you have any extension ?

I have some extensions (doesn’t everyone?) but not any that I can imagine affecting the opening of tabs.

It seems like something within Brave – i.e., that minimizing all windows erases any prioritization of tabs when you resume the session by clicking on the Brave icon in the Dock.

How Brave chooses which tab to open when unminimizing to pick up where you left off is mysterious. I haven’t seen any pattern.

you mean you did not disable all of them or what?

i still not feel comfortable about what you mean with minimizing which icon that you click to make it minimizing

If I would have to disable my extensions every time I minimize the windows there would be no point. That’s more trouble than just finding my last open tab after I unminimize.

Minimizing is just a keystroke to make the windows disappear into the Dock (bottom of screen). It can also be done graphically with a mouse, etc. by clicking on an icon (instead of using a keystroke). Doing this isn’t necessary but maybe it uses less RAM than leaving all the windows open when they’re idle.

Clicking on the Brave icon in the Dock reopens all the minimized windows (“unminimizing”) – but doesn’t put me back on the last tab I was in.

Let’s just leave it as is and maybe some Brave team member will have some thoughts.


i am not saying that i mean to try that and if it work then enable them back one by one tell you know that one that cause the issue

as you like

Hi @mattches… Do you have any idea why minimizing windows seems to make Brave forget the tab you were on?

Not a major issue but it’s odd that when restoring windows (unminimizing) I never end up on the tab I was on when I minimized.

No exiting of Brave or any other overall status changes here – just, (1) minimize windows, (2) possibly close laptop case (not always – makes no difference), (3) come back later, (4) click the Brave icon in the Dock: browser reopens on a different tab.