How does BAT work? Can it be used to purchase ads?

I checked some posts here but none have touched on the actual utility of the tokens?

Can it be used to buy ads? If not, who are buying the newly minted tokens every day apart from speculators?

No such thing. All BAT have been minted already and are in circulation.

Yes, it can. It’s important to note that self serve ads are not yet available, so you’d have to set this up for a traditional ad campaign which aren’t cheap. When you go to pay, you can choose fiat (cash) or BAT. You can learn more with their Media Kit here or can submit a Brave Ads Campaign Contact Form here

There’s not much at this time. You can tip Creators, save it, exchange it in an exchange for cash or other crypto, or can pay for ad campaigns if you so desire.

That said Pay With BAT will be coming out next year. This will allow Users to have BAT as a payment method at participating sites. Not to mention Brave will be adding things that they’ll allow Users to pay or do with their BAT for premium content.

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