How do you reverse 'Don't ask again'?

I went onto Netflix and Brave Shields flagged a piece of data that Netflix wanted to install (Widevine content decryption module) and suggested I don’t allow it. I blocked it and checked the ‘Don’t ask again’ box.

Well, it turns out I can’t watch anything on Netflix now. So my q is how do I get Brave to ask me that q again so I can allow it? TIA.

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Go to the Netflix site and view the site information by clicking the lock icon in your address bar.
Click Site Settings then Reset permissions. After doing all of this go back to the site and hit the Reload button.
I think this will fix the problem.

I did all that and it didn’t work.

Is the Widevine option is selected in Brave settings? You can find it in the Extentions menu.
And if it doesn’t work try creating a new profile.

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It wasn’t in extensions. I found out it is a plug-in. But I opened up a 2nd profile and accepted it and that worked when I went back to my first profile :+1::+1::+1:. Now I can stay up half the night. Thanks!

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