How do you make brave work with torrent


i want to use to view videos. i have the torrentviewer extension enabled and also have the webtorrent app on my mac. when i go to firefox the video displays on the page and then starts playing. in brave i get sent to a download the torrent file. how can i make brave work like firefox?


Please fix it!!! i have to switch browsers to watch videos on OMG!


Yes, just found this out as well. I cannot view any videos and instead re-directs me to download via torrent.
We need an alternative to YouTube now and we don’t want to have to use the Commie browser by Google either. :smile:


Works fine. Able to download torrent from the site.

Just click on start download and click on the video file and it starts streaming on the browser itself


that is an unecessary step and process. go to firefox and compare the behavior. which would you rather have? me: the same as firefox.


Bitchute is an amazing technology! Makes Youtube obsolete in many ways. I have recently found it myself and am looking forward to Brave supporting it properly. Brave is so solid that I was surprised when Bitchute didn’t work as expected.

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