How do you block Windvine notifications/pop ups on Hulu?

I was able to block Windvine pop ups/notifications on Netflix, Britbox and Acorn TV by going thru site settings but nothing seems to work to block the Windvine notifications on Hulu. Are Brave developers working on this or does anyone have a fix? Again, going to site settings won’t block it but only on Hulu.

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In the other thread to which you also replied, I already posted this issue:

So yes, the Brave Team will be looking into this :+1:

May I ask which site settings worked for you on Netflix and the other sites you mentioned?

I blocked all notifications, Unsandboxed plugin access, Pop ups and redirect, and autoplay. That made Widevine notifications disappear on Netflix, Britbox and Acorn TV but not on Hulu. I even went to site settings specifically for Hulu and double checked my blocked settings.

Now the Widevine notifications are back on Hulu and Netflix. I just gave in and let it install the extension.

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