How do we set our location with Brave browser?

I realize this question has been asked about a million times already, but none of the pages have an answer because Saoiray closed the question without answering it.

Which post is that? Generally I wouldn’t ever close a topic without answering unless it was someone who was posting on someone else’s topic and it had nothing to do with OP. But even then, I usually would move it to its own topic or something.

If it was a duplicate post, I tend to hide the topic and leave a note that it was duplicate. And if it was a topic where people were name-calling or violating rules, would have it said. But shouldn’t be anything where I just closed and left people without answers. (Not saying didn’t happen, but unlikely)

Set location for what? Your browser doesn’t have a setting to put what country you’re from. It uses your OS settings and/or IP address to determine.

If you mean Rewards, you just do that when you set it up and have to reset Rewards if you need to change location.

If you mean location for downloads, you do that at brave://settings/downloads

If referring to whether sites can check your location, it’s brave://settings/content/location

If referring to languages, it’s brave://settings/languages

As you can see, there’s a lot of assumptions here. When you ask questions, it’s necessary to provide as many details as possible. Just like there are big differences between versions of Brave on Android, Windows, or iPhone. So answers can fluctuate.

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