How do publishers/content creators get rewarded in brave?

Hello everyone,
I am new to Brave and I am trying to understand how exactly would content creators get rewarded? As far as I understood their main source of revenue would be users tipping them, and later users can also have the options if they want to see non-tracked ads on publishers websites. But what if users decide to neither tip nor watch those ads? How can publishers have some sort of revenue still?

It was mentioned somewhere on the website that publishers will get the lion’s share. But at the same time users would be getting 70% of the ad revenue. I would really appreciate it, if someone can help me with this as I am getting really confused. Thanks in advance!

For Publishers:

  • From tips / monthly contributions / auto-contributions from Brave users.
  • From referral program
  • And in the future, from publishers ads.

For publishers ads, publishers will get 70% of the revenue share for ads displayed on their site. User and Brave will get each 15%.

This one is for users ads. Ads that directly shown to users via browser notified.

There’s two type of ads. Users ads and publishers ads.

Users who opt-in to Brave Ads will opt-in to both type of ads.

Thanks a lot, this really cleared things up!

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