How do non-Brave-registered content providers get notified they have BAT waiting for them?

I just started using Brave and would like to ensure my favourite sites get their BAT from me.
So I’m wondering how non-Brave-registered content providers find out they have BAT waiting for them?

I found this closed question: Is Brave contacting non-verified publishers?
where the question was asked: What suggestions do you have?

Suggestion: In Reward Settings, both auto-contribute and monthly contribution, enable me (the contributor) to specify a contact email for each recipient. Then when it comes time to distribute the rewards, if that entry is not a registered user, send them an email explaining that they have rewards to pick up.

MAJOR WARNING: Your email will sound like a [fraud-oriented] email. You will have to be very careful of the wording to ensure they don’t discard it without reading it. Include some major endorsements from reputable sources to prove you aren’t fraud oriented.

Suggestion #2: Provide the same introduction letter as a link on the Reward Settings page so I can send it to the recipients myself. That lends credibility, if the recipient trusts me. And send me (the contributor) a notice one a month reporting any of my recipients that aren’t registered so I know who I need to send the letter to.

This behavior ia changed. Any tips and contributions to non-verified website/channel will be put on hold in your browser wallet.

eljuno, I’m not sure how your reply addresses my question. Putting the funds on hold does not handle letting the intended recipient know there are funds waiting for them. My question was an attempt to pass on to the development team two ways this could be handled.

And since I understand that BRAVE might not want to be sending out the emails themselves (too likely to get dinged for inappropriate emails), I would be happy to send the emails to the websites I want to contribute to. I’m just hoping BRAVE would provide a link to a page for this purpose - to introduce BRAVE to potential recipients who’ve never heard of BRAVE (or even cryptos, potentially). That was my second suggestion.

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