How Do I View All Cookies - Brave Is Not Showing Me All Cookies

Please read the entire post, because I know how to view cookies, but Brave isn’t showing me all cookies.

When I go to settings and view “Cookies and Site Settings” Brave shows me 8 sites have set cookies. When I go to “Clear Cache” Brave says 15 sites have set cookies. How do I see the “hidden” 7 sites that are setting cookies?

Yes, I know I can clear them all that by clearing the cache but that’s not what I want to do. I want to see ALL cookies and selectively delete the ones I don’t want.

Why does the view cookies not show me all cookies?

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Websites can place multiple cookies on your browser. My guess is that the 8 sites have a combined total of 15 cookies.

Have you viewed the cookies in settings? If im not mistaken, you can expand the view of a site that has placed more than one.


It says 15 sites have set cookies, not sites have set 15 cookies.

I went back and looked at the total number of cookies set by all sites I could view and it was 55, so it’s not that.

It feels like someone decided they would “help me” by not showing me cookies they thought I shouldn’t delete.

I am seeing (not seeing) the same thing - no ability to individually see which cookies a site has set and what the value of each cookie is…?

Hi. What platform are you using? PC or mobile?

I’m on a Mac Desktop.

I don’t really see why that should matter, when you click view cookies, it should show you all cookies, the OS, and type of computer you’re using shouldn’t matter.

after doing some research the “hidden cookies” are “local storage” a more secure method of storing information. These are basically “hidden cookies” that never expire. If you don’t delete your cache and delete they will persist for as long as you use that browser profile. These cookies that sites set, that the people who created your browser are hiding from you to prevent you from deleting them so they can track you.

Doesn’t seem like something a “privacy focussed browser” should be doing, but there it is.