How do I undo what I did?


Just now Brave was asking me, when I was trying to delete a pic off my image hosting service, that if I wanted to not receive the additional dialog message asking if I was sure this was what I wanted to do. I THOUGHT this would just allow me to delete my image without the “are you sure” dialog box relieving me of an unnecessary step. Unfortunately I can now NO LONGER delete anything and I can’t find where to undo this decision I made as it is not under site preferences. Please help, I just want it back where it was.


Hi @t-dub! Thanks for reaching out!
Can you tell me which website it is that you were using/deleting images from? Additionally, if you go to Settings -->Security --> Saved site permissions , do you see the website in question listed under any of these categories?


The website is which is where I host my personal photos.

Under site preferences all I see is go full screen permissions and location access, my site is not listed there.


Hmmmm . . I just tried deleting again and it seems to be working now. I think restarting the browser had an effect.



same boat
I wanted to allow video to go full screen and remember, so I checked the ‘remember this’ checkbox and then…ACCIDENTALLY clicked Deny.

Now, how do I go about getting full screen video back?

Akinator Xender Kik


Go to Settings -->Security --> Saved Site Permissions, find the decision remembered if necessary, remove it from list, navigate back to website and you should recieve the notification again. You may need to restart the browser as well. @shelbyomi, does this solve your issue?


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