How do I turn on brave rewards?

How do I opt into the brave rewards? I do not see an option for me to turn this on


@Msmith835 You can opt into brave rewards through welcome screen->Brave rewards. Or Right side Hamburger menu->Brave Rewards.


You can also access it via brave://rewards. If you do not see this at all, then that means you’re on the old version of the browser. You can download the new browser at

I have the new browser but still do not see any option to opt into the rewards. Anyone have screen shots?

Here’s a video showing what it would look like:

The latest version of Brave is 0.59.35. If you are on anything in the 0.20’s, then that means you are on the old architecture and will have to download the new Brave from the website.

So the version I have I am using on my IPhone which I downloaded about 3 days ago and it is the most updated version in the App Store. I’m guessing maybe the rewards are not supported on the iPhone as it says nothing about them in the app description. Screen shot of my version is attached. Also the video does not have the options like on my browser.

You are correct. Rewards is not yet available on mobile platforms. The feature is currently in development for both iOS and Android. You’ll hear more about the mobile version of Rewards soon as we move closer towards implementation.

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Hi, it didn’t seem relevant to start a new thread on the same topic so I’m posting here to keep things organized.

I’m really not sure if I’m missing something or maybe just haven’t found the correct resources of information, but I have many hours of browsing and haven’t seen a single paid ad as of yet and I’m on the newest builds. I consider myself to be pretty smart and always know how to figure out any problem I may have, but I’ve tried since the feature first released on the Dev channels and really feel like I’m missing something. I gave up after a while but I don’t want to continue my browsing on other browsers, so after a week or two I came back to try again and still have not seen any paid ads. Can someone fill me in?

Hi @bassackwards,

First, Brave Ads preview is available with Beta and Dev version. Because it’s still preview, you can’t earn BAT yet. It’s only to test the system.

Second, the first type of ads that being previewed is “user ads”. This type of ads use your system notification. You should get notifications and once you click on it, it’ll open a new tab with content from those ads.

Hope that make ot clear for you.

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Thanks for your response! I see you’re well respected around here, good job on all your hard work. I wonder if there is something that I keep activating/deactivating to disable the notification that I should be receiving. I haven’t received any for the ads yet. Your response narrows down my problem a lot and I’m going to look into it and see if I can figure it out. Thank you and I’ll post an update :slight_smile:

@bassackwards If you are on Windows, you will need to make sure that your “Focus Assist” settings are correctly set, and on Mac, make sure that you don’t have system notifications disabled. There is a little note about it (for Windows) at the beginning of this video:


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