How do I turn off Brave Browser shortcuts?


How do I turn off Brave Browser shortcuts?


Hi @cloudyy,

Currently there’s no option to do this. Are other browsers like Chrome have this option?

Just wondering. On under what circumstances you need to disable the shortcut?


I have overlapping keyboard shortcuts with other programs.

I must turn off the Brave Browser and use other programs to avoid overlapping shortcuts.

How do I turn off the Brave Browser Hotkey?


Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

But there’s an open issue about ability to change the shortcuts. Will it covered your needs?

Will also ccing @suguru for additional answer. Can option to disable shortcut be added?


Why do people put discomfort into the Brave browser?


I know the vivalvdi browser allows you to change most of the shortcuts there are.

for instance ctlr+b turns text bold in google docs and workflowy and other browserbased texteditors.
in Vivaldi this was set to bookmark a page.

the abiltiy to change the shortcuts might help.

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