How do I transfer my brave rewards to my Uphold wallet?

Hi! I reached out to Uphold chat and they said that the rewards are transferred automatically from brave browser wallet to uphold wallet on the 8th of each month. But they have to be linked. How can I verify that they are linked and my rewards will be transferred and will not get expired instead?
Thanks a lot.

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Hi @irinabulygina,
Are you asking as publisher or user?

Publisher can link their publisher account to Uphold to receive the contribution (from Brave users via Brave Rewards) which paid around 8th of every month.

If you asking about in browser wallet (under brave://rewards) and free BAT from BAT grants (this one have “expiration date”), then this BAT can’t be withdrawn. Because it’s purpose is to help user to try the Rewards system.

Hope that make it clear for you.


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