How do I transfer funds...this has already taken way to long. Request for functionality

Hi Guys,

TL:DR: please prioritize making a payment option for normal people. Also uphold sucks. Support just informed me that I would have to setup crypto account anyway, so what use are they ?

Newb here. Just went with Brave over my default chrome/canary setup, and one of the main reasons was the opportunity to (get tracked less,sure that too) transfer some micropayments to support creators I like.

But sadly, I have now given up transfering funds.

I live in EU, and do not currently use cryptocurrencies…
I also have no interest in beginning (setting up a wallet, etc etc).

So I went with uphold as suggested. Major pain…Had to download yet another AUTH app to my phone, upload a picture of my drivers license etc etc etc.

Only to have support tell me that they cannot help me. I need to first setup a cryptocurrency wallet( dont worry, I can choose provider)- then I can transfer funds- change them to USD and then to crypto- and then finally transfer to Brave.

Why would I then need uphold ?

And why dont you just add a payment option for normal people ? like paypall or really anything trustworthy.

This should not be hard. I want to give you money…I really do… but this sucks.

Hello! First off, thanks for using Brave.

I understand you’re trying to purchase BAT and send it to the wallet inside your Brave browser, correct?

If so, you do not need to purchase it from Uphold. Any exchange that supports BAT purchases will do. Uphold is only one option among many, and it’s known to be quite onerous with its registration requirements.

For example, an extremely popular choice is, which is very simple and a lot less onerous. Better yet, you don’t even need to purchase BAT directly; you can just purchase Bitcoin, for example, and then you send your Bitcoin to your Brave browser, and it’ll automatically convert the Bitcoin into BAT in the background for you.

The way you add funds to your Brave browser wallet is by simply going into your Brave Rewards settings (brave://rewards), and then clicking “Add Funds”. In there, it’ll give you a bunch of possible addresses you can use to deposit funds into. For instance, if you bought Bitcoin on some exchange, all you need to do is send the Bitcoin to the address listed in the Add Funds window, and then the Bitcoin will be converted to BAT for you and arrive in your in-browser wallet.

Finally, we definitely want to make it easier for such purchases, and would love to have something like a PayPal option. However, many payment processors explicitly prohibit cryptocurrency purchases, which makes options quite limited.

Let me know if you need any more help, or if I’ve misunderstood what you’re looking to do here!


Welcome to the world of crypto. You’ll find that verifying identity, using authorizing apps, are the norm for crypto managing and trading sites like Uphold, Coinbase, Bittrex, ect.

I’m sure this is why they set it up the way it is at the moment where the browser wallet is not claimable yet the user can still earn BAT tokens by viewing ads. So in reality, there is no need to sign up to Uphold, unless you want to load up your browser wallet manually with funds.

However, Uphold has said they are going to make the browser wallet claimable in the future. I’m sure they are working on the user experience of how this will work.

I think the main problem here is that I was under the assumption that this would be easy…
what I need is simply a way to use my CC.
What I get, is an obscure way of transferring funds to a crypto currency that I can then maybe perhaps transfer to … and so on.

But yeah, after a couple of hours of using BRAVE, I got the chance to watch an add and can now pay with the add money…so problem stalled for now.

I still would like to pay, but …forget it. Now I will just watch adds

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Actually, it is easy if you just activate rewards using the browser wallet. Then you watch ads to get tokens you can donate. It’s only when someone wants to add their own crypto to the browser wallet does it take some extra effort. But I imagine most people won’t be in that boat.

AND, don’t forget that every month they’ll send out a $5 grant in BAT tokens. So keep an eye out for that.

I got a grant for the 40 BAT and you can see from the image below that you need to donate it before it expires…

True, I also got 40 bat for watching something.
Just doesnt seem to be available regularly, and I would rather support with actual money…
but yeah…for now I am on the freeloading train

I think the main problem here is that I was under the assumption that this would be easy… what I need is simply a way to use my CC.

We are absolutely trying to bring credit card buys directly into the browser. This would take the form of some kind of widget. We used to use a Coinbase widget that accepted credit cards, back when Brave Rewards used Bitcoin. We fully intend on adding a widget like this again.

The main issue till now has just been finding a payment processor that is okay with blockchain assets, and mitigating CC fraud and chargebacks, which are rampant in the crypto space. However, there is a solution in the works.

Good to hear…why do they need to be ok with Crypto ?

I mean the BAT - crypto based as it might be- is not really that different from purchasing Reddit fake money ? is it ? or any other app that allows you to purchase fake “in game” money to spend on whatever.

Not relevant, but I am curious.

You’d have to ask them, I guess! Crypto is still a very new technology and not all major financial institutions understand it. Many governments remain uncertain regarding crypto as well, for taxation and regulatory reasons.

For example, Stripe is one of the biggest payment processors today. And you can see here that cryptocurrencies are restricted under their policies:

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True. I guess I just figured that since BAT are not a transaction currency (the direction is one way)- BAT would be excempt, as for taxation purposes (and regulation as well) it is more like in-game purchases- but…Oh well.

Looking forward to being able to send real money.

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