How do I tell Brave to stop blocking access to my *.internal hostnames?

I am hosted some development services locally that are available at *.internal hostnames (so e.g. http://devpi.internal or http://monitoring.internal). In order to use this sites I have to select the “shields down” option; otherwise, Brave blocks requests for resources on these sites. For example, for a site at http://devpi.internal that includes a stylesheet style.css, brave shows the status in the network panel as (blocked:other).

I would like Brave to work with these sites without having to turn off shields every time I deploy a new service. Is there a global setting for something like “allow *.internal”? Is there something I should be doing on the service side to make Brave happy?

Thanks for your help!

You might use the pop-down at a website (I clicked on the little icon that is just to the left of the URL address beginning with http) - such as I did for one of your web links - in order to Allow javascript, for example:

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