How do I sync History now?


There was a flag (brave://flags/#brave-sync-send-all-history) which used to sync all the history after it was enabled, but it seems like it was removed. I reinstalled the browser recently and I can see that my browser history was last sync on 21st December.

I use Brave on my two computers and one Android phone, and having history sync is pretty useful at times. So, any idea if there is anything we can do about it now?

And yes, I always have sync everything option enabled. It just doesn’t seem to work.

I can see another flag called “Enable Brave Sync v2” which is set to default (Enabled) and seems like it is syncing only bookmarks for me (no idea about passwords, as I use Bitwarden).

Seems like there is no solution for this at this time. o.O

Seems like there is no solution for this at this time. o.O

How have you arived at such conclusion?

I am dealing with the same issue. I’ve not updated Brave over the Christmas and now I have to reinstall the whole app. I want to keep my History, however, the Sync feature syncs only history created after the sync-link establishment.

Have I overlooked something? Is there any way to sync the full history data? Or are there plans for Sync feature to deal with History pre-dating link creation? Is there any option to export the History data?

Would be grateful for any help in this matter. Sadly, I was not able to find satisfying answer myself.

PS. I am aware of the option to copy Brave-Software folder. I am hoping in an approach I can rely on, before I start meddling with the Application files. Sync seems like it should solve my issue.

I didn’t receive any reply here. I believe somebody would have responded if there was any way to do it. I still have no idea how to make it work.

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Interestingly enough, I was seeing full history on my iPhone despite not having that flag. I’m wondering if they have it as default now. Would you have any idea what’s going on with this @mattches?

So previously we were only Syncing “typed” URLs but now we’re syncing all History (different things under the hood).

You should be able to Sync all history now as long as the devices syncing the data are all updated to the latest builds.


That’s weird. I still can’t sync History data while bookmarks are syncing without issues.

Also, the last history it synced was at 14:25 IST, 22nd December. Only one website synced that day. It has data from before too.

It stopped working after that.

Just tried it in Brave beta and you can see that the last history data it synced was from 22nd Dec, that too just one website. So, it probably stopped working right after that because older data is fine.

Hmmm, if your browser is fully updated it should be working just fine. Can you please take and share a screenshot of your brave://sync-internals page with me here so we can get a look under the hood?

I was not sure if I should hide Sync Client ID and Username or not, so I decided to just hid it. I’ll update it if you need it.

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By the way, bookmarks are not syncing either now. o.O

This seems to be related with my issue- Sync stops working randomly and cannot be restarted without new sync chain. (Bookmarks no longer syncing, send to device no longer working reliably either.) - #15 by Alexey

I am also seeing Commit Step Result Protocol error (TRANSIENT_ERROR), so seems to be the same issue. :thinking:

After the failed commit operation the client can only receive updates and cannot send new data.

@RedFlame , could you please expand this or the similar message in the log
It should be the latest Commit Response.
Does it contain There are already 50000 non-deleted objects in store message?


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@Alexey where this 50k limit comes from?

@wojciechxtx it comes from our server,

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Yes, I do see that message over and over again.

  "client_command": {
    "max_commit_batch_size": "90",
    "sessions_commit_delay_seconds": "11",
    "set_sync_poll_interval": "30"
  "commit": {
    "entryresponse": [
        "error_message": "There are already 50000 non-deleted objects in store",
        "response_type": "OVER_QUOTA"

I have had times when there wasn’t syncing bookmarks and history. When there is a sync issue, I just delete the sync account and restart. It works all the time after a fresh sync chain setup.

Thanks, this made sync start working again. Hope Brave team will fix the problem, so we don’t have to delete sync chain and create new one to make it work again.


I also ran into this problem just recently. The sync wasn’t working so I deleted the sync chain and started fresh. All my devices now see each other and I can send pages to and from each device to the other. Unfortunately, it did not fix the shared history issue for me. I don’t want to share everything as I like to use the one computer for the new snowflake feature. But I sharing history most certainly is on. I figure I would throw my two cents in to let it be known folks are not alone.

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