How do I sync Brave and Firefox bookmarks?


Both installed and running and use on 5 Devices:
3 Linux,1 Mac, 1 Android.

Thank you.


Hi @chocobo,

I think it’s not possible since Firefox require Firefox Account for sync. But you can import your Firefox bookmark to Brave on desktop. To do this:

  • Hamburger menu > Bookmarks > Import Browser Data…

Also, Brave have it’s own Brave Sync which already available on desktop via Preferences/Settings > Sync. A guide to set up Brave Sync. And mobile sync (Android, iOS) is still being worked on.

Hope that can help answer your question.


Thanks eljuno,

Yeah, I’ve been doing that. Saving Firefox bookmarks as html and importing to Brave.

I hope there will be something more automated in the future as I find I am using Brave more and more and Bookmarking and I want it to “auto go” to Firefox or vice-versa. Xmarks did it, but it’s gone now.

Thank you :slight_smile:


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