How do I switch to Gemini

…I don’t like Uphold wallet…how do I switch to my Gemini account

You just need to disconnect uphold from your publisher account and try to connect it any of the shown wallets.

From there you can select Gemini wallet :thinking:

yes but how do I disconnect it? I have looked and looked

is Binance one of the choices too now?

No, binance isn’t usefull to connect with publishers account

ok, I just noticed it was in the list. But i still am not sure how to disconnect UPHOLD and use GEMINI

(Mobile view)

Link will looks like this the above screen shot. You can disconnect uphold from that.

(Web view)

I don’t have it on my cell phone sorry…it’s on my computer

You can disconnect the uphold by clicking the underlined link in the above image.

This is what I see

Pasted-image-Sat Sep 19 2020 104909 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time).png

it says disconnected already…which is fine with me…BUT I want to add Gemini and forget Uphold.

No here you can’t connect brave browser with Gemini.

Currently we don’t have that feature.

You can connect only Publishers account with GEMINI.

oh I see, Well thank for the time and for responding. I appreciate it.

happy weekend :partying_face: :partying_face:

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