How do I switch to Developer edition?


This is a question to all Brave browser users.
I really like the browser very much. I would like to see all the newly implemented things as soon as possible and would like to post if any glitch appear. This way I also use the latest browser and the developer also get useful feedback.

On the website, i only see the stable browser. Is there any dev channel for the browser aka., chrome canary etc?

by the way, this is my first post. I have tweeted about Brave browser though.
Thanks for developing this wonderful ready to use secured browser.


Hi @nellaiseemai,

You can try the preview release (I belive it’s beta version) by enabling Update to preview releases in about:preferences#advanced (copy-paste to URL or open Preferences > Advanced).

But remember, the preview release is the unstable version of the browser. :wink:

Hope this can answer your question.
Thank you,

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