How do I subscribe to the Dow Jones Media Group?


I downloaded Brave several months ago and I understand that new users will receive the subscription form when they download and install the browser. I tried reinstalling the browser but no subscription form appeared.


Please make sure you downloaded the installer from or



Thank you. Those are the links I have been working with.
I wonder if I must make Brave the default home page in order to see the offer.
Trying that next. Uninstall. Reinstall. Test.
Thanks for the idea.


I also have the same problem. I’ve downloaded from the Barron’s link and re-installed a few times and was never given any form, page, window, etc. to be able to setup or view Barrons.
Whats the solution or work-around?


Thanks for the info @DrCarl @dino67.

Looping in @alex and @LaurenWags for this.


Having the same problem. I installed Brave on my MacBook using the links provided and when I start Brave I get the same home page with a Dow Jones letter that takes me a download page again.



Same here. I reinstalled Brave on my Mac Mini using the Barron’s link and made Brave my default browser, but when I restart I get the promo page again.


havent tried on my lubuntu machine, so this is just a comment to keep me in the loop of where this is at…


Hi @heysoundude unfortunately Linux is not included, but you can install on your mobile device or a tablet :slight_smile:


@madmari @katzenfinch

Are you both using new installs? This is promotion is currently only offered to new users of Brave so the solution would be to remove any and all Brave data from your machines (Mac and Win, Linux is not currently part of this promotion), and re-install from the link you want. Then after installing the page displayed should have a ‘Get my subscription’ button, you click on that and follow the instructions from there.

Do note, that when I say remove all Brave data, this will remove any passwords, history, bookmarks, etc, anything you have created since you downloaded Brave. Do so with caution :slight_smile:


Here’s my workaround: I did a clean install of Brave on a different computer. This allowed me to make a Barron’s account, so I will be able to log in with that on my main computer without doing a clean install on it.


Perfect - that’s akin to installing on a mobile device if you didn’t already have Brave installed there :slight_smile:

Also, if you have a Brave wallet I do recommend backing it up if you haven’t already. To do this open Preferences and go to Payments. Then click on the gear icon and select the ‘Backup your wallet’ button and follow the instructions from there. Keep those backup words safe as they are your only way to get your wallet back in case of computer crash, loss, etc.


I just heard of Brave browser today due to the barron’s offer and I downloaded the installer from and installed in 3 different computers in my home (2 Macs and a windows laptops) since this morning and I am not seeing the barrons offer during the first time use of the browser.

I even tried uninstalling completely and reinstalling a few times but nothing seem to help. Is this offer no longer available?


Hi there,

Just started using Brave, it’s quite a fast browser, but I happened upon the offer for Barron’s and when I attempted to sign up it’s giving me an error as many other people have noted so far. Don’t care much for MarketWatch, but Barron’s is something I could actually learn from and make good use of.

I don’t mean to sound like a frustrated new Brave user, but if someone could get this fixed so I could claim the offer that would be pretty awesome. I did get the page at Barron’s, but when I filled out my info and clicked Submit it just gave me an error about a page not being available.

Perhaps Barron’s itself is having an issue, or they’ve decided to not honor the partnership offer, I have no idea but it sure would be nice to get this resolved.

Can provide information as required, if necessary.



+1 from Reddit community:


I’ve been told by BAT-CM Jennie that you should try again now for Barron’s as some things have been updated on the backend. It should work now with a fresh install or if you’re a brand new user.



No joy, as the saying goes. A fresh clean installation in a VM, of Windows 7, and Brave as downloaded from that link (brave.come/dowjones-barrons) and there’s still no first run tab that takes you to Barron’s website to register like it did with the Market Watch browser download.

Would be nice but I’ll survive without it I suppose.

Thanks for the input. :wink:


@br0adband - just to confirm, you did not have Brave installed on your Win 7 VM previously, correct? If you did have it installed previously, try following these instructions to ensure you are actually starting fresh - but only if you are willing to part with any data (history, bookmarks, etc): How to solve *almost* every problem after install


What I’ve discovered - and I’m not sure that it matters - is that the Market Watch browser download at:

and the Barron’s browser download at:

are exactly the same files based on SHA1 checksums and that shouldn’t be happening IF the two files are different and by different I mean the minor difference between them which should be one of them directs to Market Watch on first one and the other directs to Barron’s on the first run. That tiny difference between the installers SHOULD cause the two installers to be different in terms of not only file size (by a few bytes since the phrase “marketwatch” is longer than “barrons” in terms of the registration URL.

In other words (and I’m overexplaining this as I usually do): the Market Watch installer has a piece of code in it that says “on first run go to (the marketwatch URL)” and the Barron’s installer should have a similar piece of code saying “on first run go to (the barron’s URL)” and the Barron’s installer isn’t doing that - that minor difference in the coding of each browser should technically make them different and they’re not because the installers are exactly the same byte-size and same SHA1 checksum hash.

On a purely fresh clean Windows 7 Pro x64 VM - and I mean it’s pure vanilla, immediately after an installation, nothing touched, when I install the Market Watch browser I get 3 tabs on the first startup: a blank tab, a tab about the Market Watch offer, and then the usual tab for Brave itself.

I did one last attempt at this, did a completely clean install of Windows 7 in a VM meaning I didn’t re-use the VM I already had, that was deleted prior to this but it wouldn’t matter anyway, and still when the Barron’s browser loads it just has the two tabs: one blank, one to “Welcome to Brave” so, like I said, me not being able to take advantage of this offer isn’t going to kill me. :slight_smile:

I do appreciate the assist, however.

Thanks, and have fun, always…


According to BAT CM Jennie—who just asked a developer about this on your behalf—the binaries should be the same (resulting in the same SHA1 checksum hash). Rather, the filenames of the executables should be the only differentiating factor.

Also heard that the developer tested the Barron’s promo in their own VM instance, and the Barron’s deal works for them. Hm.