How do I stop Brave pop-up ads


I’ve been reading this here and apparently Brave is going through a sketchy company, or, somebody is promoting them unethically or even illegally (without a contract).

Why on earth would Brave feel the need to promote in that manner, anyway? Do they have meeting minutes available where they discuss marketing strategy? I’d like to see those! Think of how many people are seeing this and NOT coming to the forums, but just get kinda’ ticked off at the ubiquitous ads. I hope Brave straightens it out soon, for their sake.


I’m having the same issues with brave pop up ads and a few others. Any fix yet? It’s getting annoying!


I have actually spoken to a lawyer about whether there are any grounds for legal action and he is researching it. These ads are not, simply, annoying. They interfere with my business use of the phone, sometimes causing me to lose my work because some cannot be closed without hitting the Home button. The phone has become practically unusable.

Sean McLinden

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As I’m typing this response, I’ve been interrupted three time by this annoying popup. Keep me advised as you research this problem. I’ve had it for about three weeks now.


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To those who cannot read the above I will make it clear how I got rid of this problem.

You need to find out which app is causing those ads to launch. Apparently there are many apps that do this.

That is why I downloaded an Android app that monitored my connections. It told me which apps we’re trying to connect.

It also told me the permissions those apps had including overriding my sleep screen. That is not good. Got rid of the app and the problem has not returned.

I didn’t want to be naming the Network Connections app I used, hoping that Brave would post a solution. But I’ll give you a hint what it’s called.


You have to pay for this software.


This is why I hesitated in putting that information in here. I was able to use its limited trial features to answer my problem.

I have it on my phone right now and the trial features still work they are very limited. It’s not appropriate in this forum, to further go into using another software product.


Don’t understand what the big secret is. I’ve solved the problem by resetting my tablet. I won’t be using this browser.


Go to your Application Manager. If it’s not in the list, then you don’t have it on your phone.

BTW…they have returned to my phone. It only helped for a while.


Please note that Brave is NOT intentionally paying for this or behind this intrusive ad behavior. This is the situation: There are mobile apps that use Google’s AdMob SDK (Google’s standard mobile app ads platform) and are abusing/exploiting the SDK to display intrusive ads on Android phones like yours. This means you have another app installed on your phone that is delivering the intrusive ads (see other posts in this thread where users have been able to track down the offending apps).

Brave has ad campaigns with Google (not a sketchy company), and so ads for Brave can sometimes be delivered in the course of these exploits.

Please see this explanation of the situation from Luke Mulks, Senior Ad Tech @ Brave:

For some background, there is an issue with Google’s admob SDK that calls ads into apps on android.

The following are the mix of actions we are taking from our end:

Reduce the amount of spend we put into this marketing channel (which we are doing, significantly).

Block the apps from being eligible to deliver ads to that are problematic (investigation in progress)

Block the locations that the ads are eligible to deliver to on a case by case basis as users report the issue, until Google determines the list of apps that are causing the problem. (handling per report - so if you experience the issue and are reading this, please reply here with city/state and app you are observing the issue from and we’ll apply this treatment)

The 3 actions above help prevent Brave ads from displaying, but doesn’t resolve the issue fully as it is an issue tied to the apps and android OS. Google is going to be releasing an update to their software for Android in August that should automatically detect this behavior and block ads from being called to apps that are flagged as violating policy.

It is an ugly issue, and we’re working quickly to limit the negative impact in the short term, while Google investigates and takes the proper steps from their end.

I just want to be extremely clear that this behavior is not something we’re intentionally paying for, and that we have significantly decreased marketing spend in this area as a result until there’s high confidence that the issue is resolved. It sucks that this is happening, and is not what we aim for.

I want to further echo that this type of playback behavior is not a good look, and is something we’re investigating as a priority to limit as much as possible, even if it means we end up fewer new users from this marketing channel in the short term.

Discovering the problematic apps that are violating the policy is the hard part, until the software update from Google in August that I mentioned above.

Again, seriously appreciate all of your feedback as this gets worked through. We’re incredibly lucky to have such stellar members active in our community here.

Brave pop ups are relentless!

Well I think that, at the very least, the users should have the ability to block AdMob activities. I’m already paying a significant amount to lease my device and I have no desire to pay for a billboard.

Sean McLinden


I have the same problem in hampton ct.


I am having the same problem in Prescott AZ.


I am having the same problem in Gold River, CA.

I have not found an application associated with the ads, and I have not installed anything new in quite some time. The ads just started popping up, mostly when the phone had been in sleep mode for a while. I am wondering if one of the advertising network companies has gone rogue - I have opted out of all the ones listed as members of the DAA, except for AdBrain, which does not take the opt-out request. Very frustrating.


I uninstalled a new Compass app and have not had the problem since.



I am also having trouble in State Road,NC. I have uninstalled all the apps that I had installed lately. I seem to have trouble when I restart my my phone. Within 5 minutes after restarting my phone I get the Brave Ad Blocker ad wanting me to install it. It also plays music when it starts. It will sit for another few minutes and do it again. It seems to only be the Brave Ad Blocker. At the beginning, there were another ad or two that would show up. I also updated my phone within the same past two weeks. When I run AVG antivirus, it seems to cut down on the number of times it happens.


The only way I could get rid of this aggravating issue is to reset my pad to the original state and reinstall my apps. This does work!


Experiencing this in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas; it started several weeks ago shortly after the oreo update. It happens when there appear to be no apps running…and the irony is I installed Brave hoping it would help, but then it, too, became one of the pop ups! Based on upthread comments, I’ve uninstalled a Compass app. I rarely download apps and didn’t remember it was relatively new until I saw it mentioned here. Crossing fingers it was the culprit!


Hi all,
I was experiencing the same issue as sean with several ads popping up whilst i was using the phone (ads varied but included brave & yoti ). I’ve read through the entire thread and understand issue is related to some app abusing the google sdk for ads. Having uninstalled apps 1 by 1 and monitoring i can confirm the culprit was smart compass as others have also confirmed.

FYI admin if you are still collecting geo locations. Mine is Liverpool UK.

Included some screenshots. First one shows pop is managed via YouTube app

(upload://oupbAudiuf4MPkeGh2n3gGo84GS.jpg) as reference