How do I stop Brave pop-up ads


Thanks, Luke. Nothing in the last 30 minutes but the morning is the worst. And this has only happened since I upgraded from an S7 to an S9+ and the Sprint dealer that I did my upgrade with closed up shop the next week!

Coincidence, maybe, but maybe not!



There have been other advertisers, but not nearly as frequent. I will note them going forward.

Thank you!



I am also having this issue- How do I resolve it?


I’m still having. It occurs more frequently in the morning (EST) and taper off during the day.


Still having with ads from Brave @seanmcl? That shouldn’t be happening for the two geos you listed above. Were you in a different location?

@erica5253 if you want to let me know the city/state you’re observing these in, I can apply similar treatment (removing the geo from delivery).

We’ve been escalating the issue with Google directly, hoping that they quickly identify the problematic apps to help us resolve this asap.


I’d like to thank @seammcl for raising this with exactly the words that came to my mind. This 30 second clip usually kicks in shortly after i plug in my charger. It also Clicks in after I’ve locked my phone.

It doesn’t show up in notifications and there’s no way to figure out which app is launching it. ???

It plays at full blast. This is not groovy when you’ve just walked into a meeting.

Brave is paying someone to do this. But I think it’s backfiring as advertising.

Im sure others like Sean and I view it immediately as some kind of ransomware not as a useful product. I almost wonder if someone who hates Brave is doing this advertising.

Regardless this has been going on for about a week and I live in the Vancouver BC area.


Compass app is toxic?

I caused the video to launch intentionally by plugging in the charger and locking the screen.

I looked for the app that seemed most active at the time of closing. It’s this compass app.

not sure how to go into a apps and see which apps have the ability to turn on my camera or avoid sleep mode but I think these are probably the most concerning.




Yes. As I said, it is more frequent in the morning (and when it pops up, l typically lose whatever data I was entering into another app) and tapers off in the afternooon but never, completely, stops.


Getting ads for Giant Eagle (a regional grocery) and 1Weather!


Thanks @seanmcl - really appreciate it - was looking to confirm whether it was ads from Brave you saw this morning (given the note from yesterday about shutting off) - or from another advertiser. I couldn’t tell from the message today, so the extra feedback provided was exactly what I needed.

@PTOK very helpful info wrt: compass app. Out of curiosity, are you running a S9 phone as well?

For some background, there is an issue with Google’s admob SDK that calls ads into apps on android.

The following are the mix of actions we are taking from our end:

  1. Reduce the amount of spend we put into this marketing channel (which we are doing, significantly).

  2. Block the apps from being eligible to deliver ads to that are problematic (investigation in progress)

  3. Block the locations that the ads are eligible to deliver to on a case by case basis as users report the issue, until Google determines the list of apps that are causing the problem. (handling per report - so if you experience the issue and are reading this, please reply here with city/state and app you are observing the issue from and we’ll apply this treatment)

The 3 actions above help prevent Brave ads from displaying, but doesn’t resolve the issue fully as it is an issue tied to the apps and android OS. Google is going to be releasing an update to their software for Android in August that should automatically detect this behavior and block ads from being called to apps that are flagged as violating policy.

It is an ugly issue, and we’re working quickly to limit the negative impact in the short term, while Google investigates and takes the proper steps from their end.

I just want to be extremely clear that this behavior is not something we’re intentionally paying for, and that we have significantly decreased marketing spend in this area as a result until there’s high confidence that the issue is resolved. It sucks that this is happening, and is not what we aim for.

I want to further echo that this type of playback behavior is not a good look, and is something we’re investigating as a priority to limit as much as possible, even if it means we end up fewer new users from this marketing channel in the short term.

Discovering the problematic apps that are violating the policy is the hard part, until the software update from Google in August that I mentioned above.

Again, seriously appreciate all of your feedback as this gets worked through. We’re incredibly lucky to have such stellar members active in our community here.

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I was limited on posts I could make as a nube. So couldn’t post the most concerning screen shot.

I won’t say the free trial app I used to test this and make these screenshots, I’m sure you have better.

As you said, a good target for you to kill. Good luck. My problem is self resolved.


Sorry meant that one


This is a huge help. Thank you!


I’m running a Motorola G2 play



Luke, I don’t blame Brave. Since your intervention, Brave ads have disappeared and, instead, I am being inundated by other ads for groceries, online casinos, games, etc.

Since I am paying for bandwidth, I believe that these constitute theft of services and should not be tolerated. If there was one action that Google could have taken to make me switch to iPhone, this is it!

I am completely disgusted with the Android and Google Play and if you have contacts at Google you can let them know.

Thanks for your help!



I have had the same issues with my 3 month old Samsung Note 4. It happened about a month after getting it. Suddenly ads start popping up at random without any rhyme or reason. They are loud and obnoxious and have interrupted meetings on several occasions. Brave is one of many adds that pop-up. Most all are related with Google Play wanting me to install their apps.
I have gone through my phone and deleted most apps that I had not used before on other phones, installed several malware programs and cache cleaners. The frequency does happen most in mornings or after the phone has been unused for a few hours.
It has gotten so bad that I have to shut it off at night. Please let me know if you find a solution.


I am in Washington near Gig Harbor. I have a 6 month old refurbished Samsung Note 4. The ads started about a month after I had it, and the Apps I had in the phone at the time were the same as I have used in my previous phones with no issues. It gets so obnoxious that I have to turn off the phone at night. After the phone has been resting a while, it seems to have more pop ups than when I’m using it frequently. Brave is one of many that pop up and most all of them have a request to download their apps in Google Play. In fact, I believe all of the ads are requests to download Apps from various sites such as Brave, WAZE and AirBNB. Some of the requests are Apps I already have while others are not. I have just turned off Auto-Updates on my apps to see if that helps. Will keep you informed.


SOLUTION FOUND! Go to your Application Manager list and open Peel Smart Remote. Disable it and select PERMISSIONS. Change all to OFF. Then select NOTIFICATIONS. BLOCK THEM ALL. This should stop the unwanted ads. WHEW!


Well, it didn’t last long.

Last week, Google was blocking many ads (though I still got irritating pop-ups letting me know that).

Now the Brave browser ads are back.

I’m trading my Galaxy in for an iPhone. I can’t take this any more.