How do I stop Brave from saving offline copies of webpages?

Every time I close the browser and reopen it, the webpage I was on is displayed as “offline” and refreshing the page doesn’t make it go online. Is there a way to disable this feature? I never want pages saved as offline.

Brave Version: 1.16.76, Chromium 86.0.4240.198
Operating System: Android 11
Phone: Pixel 2

Hello @NicoleB

do you have brave on android @Tiko and could you help here

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Well thank you dear @justsomeone1 I’m not sure I can help but ok, let’s try !

First @NicoleB, try to update to Brave 1.17.72 and see if it’s fix the issue.
Then, I had a look in the Brave settings (Android 8.1.0 here) and I don’t see anything relative to this “feature”. I’ll keep on searching while you update :wink:

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thanks for your @Tiko

i found that but it for old version so need you to double check it

  • Saving pages for offline reading is a snap: Open a webpage, click 3dots menu (⋮) on the top right, click on Download icon. You can then find your saved pages in 3dots menu->Downloads.

so according to that she has to go to menu then download then remove the site from there
so can you check if that still valid for the new version

thanks a lot again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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@justsomeone1 :clap: :clap: :clap:

I didn’t had such “feature”, even on past Brave Android versions :confused:
(on my version, the 3 dots are now on the bottom right ^^)

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that link from 2017 that why i needed you to confirm if it still there or gone :joy:
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let us knock the door of @eljuno hope we did not wake him up in wrong time :joy:

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Unless @NicoleB specifically did this :point_up: it’s hard to replicate on my end.

More like a internet connection issue, where when Brave failed to connect, it present the cached version of webpage. cc @Serg @sriram @Aa-ron @Mattches

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thanks a lot @eljuno

looks like the whole company gona join this thread :joy:

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Thank you, everyone! I updated to 1.17.72 and the problem appears to be resolved. I didn’t see an offline page at all yesterday.

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you welcome @NicoleB

as you said @Tiko you the boss man :joy:

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You’re most welcome @NicoleB, glad to help :slight_smile:

Best and have a nice day!

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Feel free to open a new thread is the issue reoccur.