How do I set Brave to delete all cookies upon every restart? And where can I whitelist certain sites?

I want Brave to delete all cookies (except those from sites on a whitelist) every time I close the browser or restart it. How can I do this?

Hello! Visit here and toggle the options under On Exit. Thanks!


Thanks. I did that just now.

Now is there a place to create a whitelist for cookies that I’d like to keep, even after closing? I went into the Site & Shield settings, but didn’t see where to create a whitelist. The Shields Up & Shields Down didn’t look like it would serve that purpose.

@paulri hey. Actually let me offer a correction here (unless @Evan123 is aware of changes I’ve not noticed yet). When it comes to clearing data on exit, that will override any other settings. In other words, there’s no way to whitelist anything.

The closest solution to what you’re looking for will be not to use the On Exit settings but instead to go to brave://settings/shields and enable Forget me when I close this site. This will cause any new sites you visit to clear cookies and other info when you leave the site.

NOTE I say new sites because any site you’ve been to already might save whatever option it had when you last visited. So anything with existing cookies or site settings may need to be manually changed or you’ll have to wipe existing Site and Shields Settings for sites to follow global. Just something to be mindful of as I have seen it work both ways. I know I’m being a bit confusing, but just is something for you to double check just in case.

Then in order to whitelist websites, you would just change the toggle to off in the little Shields lion widget when you visit the site. Such as:

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Thanks. That helps me out a lot.